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Broker/Office Requirements

  • Ensure all documents are collected and signed by all parties

  • Upload all contract documents into compliance system

  • Complete required forms/documents required by Broker

  • Change Status in MLS to contingent/pending and close out after closing


  • Contact client, cooperating agent, lender & title company and introduce ourselves as a member of your team

  • Thoroughly review and complete all deadlines and timelines

  • Prepare amendments as instructed by agent and follow up on signatures

  • If the agent uses google calendar, we help manage and add appointments to it.


  • Confirm with lender that closing is on target to close on time

  • Coordination of closing time and date with all involved parties

  • Request earnest money from Broker or let title company know it will be taken from commission

  • Order Home Warranty and send to title company

  • Utility contact sheet sent to buyer

  • Send client address to closing

  • Track preparation and review of the settlement statement​

  • Schedule final walk-through

  • Confirm receipt by buyer of final amount due at closing

  • Confirm receipt by seller of proceeds figure

  • Email copies of any needed documents to the title company to be printed off and signed at closing

Financing (regardless if seller or buyer side)

  • Send all necessary completed documents and amendments

  • Confirm  buyer has made application

  • If our buyer, send copy of earnest money to lender

  • Make sure appraisal has been ordered

  • Confirm insurance has been obtained with lender.

  • Follow-up with lender for appraisal results

  • Confirm CD has been acknowledged by buyer in time for closing


  • Schedule & coordinate home and termite inspections

  • Remind agent of deadlines

Title Company

  • Send all necessary completed documents and amendments

  • Remain in constant contact throughout transaction



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