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Sarah Brogdon


As my business grew, transaction management was taking up more and more of my time, and distracting not only from clients but also friends and my family.  I had worked so hard to build my business that I was extremely hesitant to trust someone else with the important work involved in transaction management.  Ashley came highly recommended, and after one phone conversation with her I got a good sense right away that I had found someone I could trust to follow through with the same level of diligence and responsiveness upon which I had always prided myself.  Even with this good impression, I was still hesitant, but the first transaction we worked together put those fears to rest and to this date, I believe hiring Ashley has been one of the most important (and best) decisions I have made to not only improve my business, but truly my quality of life.  Where before I spent evenings parked at the computer doing paperwork, I now have more time for my family and know that the paperwork will be done, and done right.


Ashley diligently tracks the contract timelines and communicates with all parties involved in the transaction.  She keeps me constantly informed, and makes sure that our clients are protected by always remaining in compliance with contract deadlines.  She also keeps clients, cooperating agents, lenders and title companies informed about all aspects of the deal including inspections, appraisal, coordinating closing, etc.

I literally cannot think of one thing Ashley could do to do better with handling my transactions. I don't believe anyone could rival Ashley's attention to detail, dedication to clients, and true relentlessness in getting the job done.  I would not trust anyone else with my business.  She is capable of handling a large volume of work with a high level of organization and efficiency. I would ultimately recommend her to others, and  I refer Ashley often without any reservations!

Erika Page

I wish there were more stars!! Ashley is ridiculously efficient. She takes the most wiry, fearsome and gnarly transaction issues and seals them up in a neat little package with a bow (in YOUR favorite color). Professional and timely every time. Highly recommend.

Ashley Garcia


Ashley is amazing, detailed, organized and efficient! I am an executive admin for a real estate team and having her to do the team’s transaction coordination has helped us allow our agents to focus on making the deals rather than keeping them together. I could not recommend Ashley more! She knows all the ins and outs (literally all of them) of both Tennessee and Georgia contracts and has kept our clients covered in EVERY transaction she works on. She makes sure, even in the most difficult of transactions, that everything gets done. We couldn’t ask for anyone better!

Ashley Young


Ashley is excellent with communication, preparing expectations for all parties, and assisting with timelines. Her transaction management adds value to my day because I can focus on sales while she facilitates each transaction. Value added is thousands of dollars when my focus is on the line. Thank you for adding value to my business! Thank you for taking great care of my clients! And thank you for putting up with days when I’m sarcastic to ornery in 2.5 seconds! Your type A mindset is exactly what I need.

Amber Clark

When I first started real estate I started on a team for Keller Williams. One of my very first transactions I was a part of Ashley was the transaction manager representing the agent on the other side of the deal. My team leader and I discussed with the other agent, whom was well known and highly successful, about Ashley and the quality of services she provided for his team. The other agent could not say enough about Ashely and how great she was at coordinating the close of all his and his teams’ transactions. It was that conversation along with working the other side of several transactions that Ashley was a part of that clearly made the decision to hire her a no brainer

As I was becoming more successful in real estate my next move was to go out on my own and be an independent agent. One of the biggest deciding factors on making this move would be contingent on if Ashley would work for me as an independent agent. Still being relatively new to the business I relied heavily on Ashley’s skills, advice, and immense knowledge of the business. There is a huge amount of comfort that comes with Ashley and how she works alongside of the agent and I can honestly say I would not have been able to continue my success without her. Ashley has a very professional approach when dealing with clients that leaves me as the agent confident that she handles all my business like it’s her repetition on the line.

I would recommend Ashley to ANY agent in this business rather new or seasoned. For me Ashley’s worth far exceeds the competitive price she charges for her services.  I would not do any business without her and she has become part of my brand and how I can offer clients top quality customer service. More than anything I respect and trust Ashley with how I make my money and I will forever be grateful for the level of service she brings to my business. 

Erin Gallagher

Being a brand new agent and continuing to work another full-time job, I was quite overwhelmed when I initially started my real estate career.  Therefore, I decided to hire Ashley to help me manage my workload and assist me as I continued to learn the real estate business.  Ashley's knowledge of real estate transactions, attention to detail, and efficiency has enabled me to provide a higher level of service to my clients, close more deals, all while continuing to work another full-time job.   Ashley saves me time, money, and the stress of juggling all the deadlines and paperwork.  I highly recommend Ashley.  Worth every penny!


Tricia Adams


Ashley always is on task for all of my transactions with a detailed timeline for all clients. Recently, she input a website which shows all dates which deadlines are due. Honestly, I can't think of anything Ashley could do better. I think adding the website and the offer of contract assistance has been beneficial! From the other transaction managers I have met, Ashley has more attention to detail and knows the Realtor side more than anyone else in the business. I think busy realtors who dont utilize a transaction mangaer are missing on on time well spent on lead generating and clients. Ashley is always available for a phone call and assisting me with questions at anytime!

Donyale Kramer

What I appreciate most about Ashley is that she helps me make sure all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted from contract to close. It is very helpful to have someone who keeps me on track with the multiple deadlines and documents that go into getting a deal to the closing table. I would definitely recommend her services to others. It is a pleasure to work with someone as on the ball as her!

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